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Summer Special, two free trial lessons

Sunday, 15th May, 2016

Sung Jin Soo At our school we are so confident that you and your family will be convinced by the results, we will give everyone joining over the Summer period 2 free trial lessons to try the Kuk Sool Sudbury Experience for themselves.Classes... Read more

Kick start 2016

Monday, 21st December, 2015

Sung Jin suh Classes resumed on the 3rd of January. Kick start your year, get fit and have fun learning a comprehensive martial art.Happy New Year! Read more

Promotion to 1st Dahn

Sunday, 29th November, 2015

Congratulations to Ric and Jade Henderson on their promotions to first Dahn black belt at the UK Tournament in Liverpool this weekend.There promotions followed a final four hour testing on Friday at Greenbank Sports Academy under the watchful eye of... Read more

Dragons Testing and Promotions

Wednesday, 19th August, 2015

Some Dragons with their new belts Congratulations to all the Little Dragons who passed their testing in August. Louis, Charlie, Bertie, Madaline, Oskar and Kendal all promoted to blue belt; Harrison and Scott to yellow belt and Phoebe and Amber to white/yellow stripe.Everyone worked very hard... Read more

European Tournament Success

Wednesday, 17th June, 2015

Medalists Congratulations to the nine KSW Sudbury students who competed at the WKSA European Championships on the 30th May at UEA Sportspark, Norwich. All of them won medals despite having to face stiff competition in a tournament that attracted over 800... Read more

Black Belt Promotion

Tuesday, 9th June, 2015

maxi test Congratulations to Maxi Webster-Coles who promoted to the rank of 1st degree black belt - Jyo Kyo Nim - at the recent European Championships on the 30th May 2015. Read more

March promotions - adult class

Friday, 3rd April, 2015

Promotions Twenty-two students from the adult class of Kuk Sool Won Sudbury undertook a rigorous testing on the 29th March at the Kingfisher Leisure Centre. They were put through their paces for 3 hours by external examiner and Visiting Instructor SBN... Read more

Inter-school Tournament Success

Sunday, 8th March, 2015

Grand Champions Sixteen Kuk Sool Won of Sudbury students competed at an Inter-school Tournament in Stowmarket on the 1st of March and secured Beginners Grand-Champion, Intermediate Grand-Champion, 52 medals and second place out of 10 schools.Head Instructor SBN Dr Karen Smith said:... Read more

Christmas Holidays

Tuesday, 16th December, 2014

SBN Karen KSW Sudbury would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year and thank everyone for their superb efforts in 2014. We return on Sunday January 11th at the Kingfisher Leisure Centre and Thursday the 15th at the... Read more

November Testing and Promotions

Monday, 10th November, 2014

Promotions 33 Students from Kuk Sool Won of Sudbury undertook a 2 hour Class Testing in Forms, Techniques, Board Breaking, Breakfalling and Weapons in order to gain their promotions on Sunday the 7th November.They were put through their paces by Head... Read more

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