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Photo galleries


  • cartwheel Class pics | View gallery

    Our classes are fun and keep you fit!

  • Demo team Demos | View gallery

    We do lots of local demos

  • St Nicholas\' Hospice Fundraisers | View gallery

    We raise lots of money for charities and the school

  • KSN 1 Grandmaster, In Hyuk Suh | View gallery

    Kuk Sa Nim

  • 2014 awards Instructor Founder, SBN Karen (4th Degree) | View gallery

    SBN Karen's gallery

  • Staff Instructor Principal, PSBN Steve (3rd Degree) | View gallery

    PSBN Steve's gallery

  • JKN Barry with Kuk Sa Nim Instructor Supporting Assistant (1st Degree) | View gallery

    JKN Barry's gallery

  • Nathan promoting Instructor Supporting Assistant (2nd Degree) | View gallery

    KSN Nathan's gallery

  • Kyo Sa Nim Just Black Belts Gallery | View gallery

    School Black belts (2005 to present)

  • knee kick Kick/Break-fall-A-Thons and Sparring | View gallery

    We practice a wide range of kicks, falls and spar regularly

  • Xmas Party Little Dragons | View gallery

    Our Little Dragons have loads of energy!

  • Ollie Seminar (2010,2011,2012 and 2013) | View gallery

    The Grandmaster and Senior Masters visit regularly

  • Christmas party Special events | View gallery

    Summer camps, beach training...we organise lots of events

  • Archie and assault course Summer Camp 2013 | View gallery

    Summer Camp keeps us confident, fit and focused. Its also fun!

  • Matt testing Testings | View gallery

    Class testings happen every 3 months or so

  • European Champions Tournaments (2005-11) | View gallery

    Students have competed in lots of School and WKSA tournaments

  • Jo Tournaments, European (2013, 2014 and 2015) | View gallery

    Students enjoy success at major tournaments

  • Charley and Alex Tournaments, Inter-School (2012 to 2015) | View gallery

    We frequently compete against other schools

  • I Training on the Beach | View gallery

    Lots of fun and builds stamina