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Benefits for men, women and children


The study of Martial Arts has fascinated men throughout the ages.

At Kuk Sool, no matter what your age, career or interests, you will gain new confidence in handling concerns.

Kuk Sool will be your outlet for stress and tension. It will increase your stamina, expand your cardiovascular fitness and improve your overall physical condition. Plus, you will learn effective techniques for protecting yourself and your family.


The movements in Martial Arts can be as graceful as ballet and are infinitely more interesting than usual aerobic workouts.

In addition to providing a total fitness programme, we train you in defence techniques which enhance your capability to effectively defend yourself.

It is a proven way to build a feeling of confidence and this will carry through to the workplace and home.


Our main goal is to enhance your child's self esteem and to support your efforts in building self-confidence and character.

At the same time, your child will develop a sense of respect for others, for self and for authority.

In fact, parents frequently speak of the beneficial effects that our Martial Arts training has had in school performance, self-esteem and general attitude.