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About Kuk Sool

Practice Rules

  1. Always enter into practice with energy, enthusiasm and a can do attitude.
  2. When you first learn a technique, you practice it carefully, slowly and smoothly. When you begin to understand the technique you can start to add speed and power.
  3. Be considerate to your training partner, adjust your technique for different people.
  4. Never try to practice a technique or form that you have not been taught and never teach others without permission and/or supervision by a Black Belt Instructor.
  5. When practicing Forms, always observe the "5 Principles of Forms."
    1. Clear Mind
    2. Eyes Bright
    3. Hands Fast
    4. Feet Slow & Deliberate
    5. Stances Low
  6. Be considerate when practicing forms or technique, practicing higher belts have the "right of way"
  7. Remember: Practice does not make perfect - only Perfect Practice makes Perfect (always seek correction and train to consistently improve).
  8. If you have a question, always ask an Instructor. Get your answers from the highest available authority. Discuss any questions or concerns with your instructor immediately.
  9. Never ask to be taught a new technique or form. Diligent and consistent practice of current material demonstrates your readiness to progress.
  10. If you need to leave the practice floor for any reason during class, always ask your instructor's permission.
  11. If you have a question for your instructor, never call him or her over to you, always go to them. When an instructor is demonstrating a form or technique, always stand in the Attention Position and give them your full attention. Always thank them for instruction.