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About Kuk Sool

General Rules

  1. Martial arts etiquette ("Yea Eue") is our MOST important discipline, and should be observed by all students and instructors at all times.
  2. Always bow towards the flags and the most senior instructor when entering or leaving the dojang, and say "KUK SOOL!"
  3. Always be on time, if you arrive late for class, bow in (three formal bows) and then ask permission to join a class that is already in progress.
  4. All students should try to attend class on a regular and consistent basis.
  5. Pay respect during salutations, students should stand and parents sit quietly whilst the preceding class carry out their bows.
  7. Do not be disruptive – Students and visitors should remain quietly in designated areas and not disturb the class that is training.
  8. Do not eat food in the dojang.
  9. Make sure your uniform is clean and neat. Remember that a full uniform is required to bow in and out of class. Kuk Sool uniform should consist of a jacket and trousers, belt and plain black (or KSW) t-shirt - colour t-shirts or other types of shirts should never be worn. Shoes should never be worn on the practice area.
  10. All students should introduce themselves to new class members.
  11. Do not touch weapons or other training equipment without permission.
  12. Always address instructors and seniors as "Sir" or "Ma'am" - show respect to instructors and fellow students in training (consequently, Black Belts should be humble and helpful).
  13. Inform the school if you are going to absent or you are ill. Your attendance is important and holiday/sickness times will be marked as such.
  14. If you change address, new telephone numbers or email address please let us know so when needed we will be in a position to contact you.
  15. Sponsoring a new member by students, demonstrates your belief in the values and sharing the benefits of instruction in Kuk Sool WonTM. When you bring a friend or colleague, introduce them to the Principal Instructor.